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Thank You For Your Song

Thank You For Your Song | Chapter 16 | Companion Playlist and Links

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Thank You For Your Song

I’m proud to have a new essay, titled “Thank You For Your Song,” published in Chapter 16, the venerable literary magazine of Humanities Tennessee edited by Margaret Renkl. The essay asks the question, “What do we owe the writers who get us through our darkest days?” It’s about gratitude, and my own efforts, somewhat flawed, to thank those artists and musicians chapter16logowhose music has served me and provided solace during tough times. As an appendix of sorts to the essay, I’ve pulled together here a Spotify playlist of some of the songs and artists I mention in the article, a collection of links to their sites, and a video from a few years ago that explains the whole silly Springsteen/eggplant thing. My hope is that you’ll click over to read the essay, and then return here to do some listening and further exploring. Perhaps you have your own list of songs and artists, and it will inspire you create your own playlists and write your own essays of thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Spotify Playlist: I’ve chosen two songs each from the artists I mention, along with a track each from Bob Dylan and Patti Smith for good measure.


James Maddock

John Gorka

Billy Squier


Bruce Springsteen

Nicole Atkins

Patti Smith

Bob Dylan


‘Plants Like Us: The Night I Met Bruce Springsteen: A bit of digital storytelling that my friend Will Pedigo helped me with a few years ago, shot entirely on a Flip Camera (remember those?). The date of the show is wrong. It was actually 2002. But the ridiculousness remains.


Chapter 16: Two Wheels and the Truth

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Chapter 16, the online literary magazine and service of Humanties Tennessee, has published a version of an essay first published here on Two Wheels and the Truth as “Person on a Bike.” It is published at Chapter 16 as “Two Wheels and the Truth,” with the subhead “What if, instead of cyclists, drivers saw people on bikes?” It’s edited by Margaret Renkl and details a harrowing run-in with a pickup truck driver, but also the meaningful picking up of a baby, and what one has to do with the other.

I’m a fan of Chapter 16, for its book reviews, author interviews and essays, and recommend you spending some time at the site and sign up for its weekly newsletter.

This is my third essay for Chapter 16. You can also read: