Two Wheels and the Truth

Honey and a Ham Sandwich | Chapter 16

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Honey and Ham Sandwich

Remembering the comforts of a grandmother’s love

If I’m ever in the unfortunate position of having to choose my last meal, I will choose a ham sandwich on lightly-toasted Pepperidge Farm bread and a cup of tea with milk and sugar. This is what I ate for lunch with my grandmother most afternoons when I was in grammar school. I went to St. Nicholas in the Heights section of Jersey City. The school was only a few blocks away from the house where we lived–my mom, dad, brother and sister on the top floor; my grandmother and grandfather on the first floor. My grandfather died when I was eight, right around the age when I started walking to and from school myself.

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10 thoughts on “Honey and a Ham Sandwich | Chapter 16

  1. Sallie Mayne

    Joe Pagetta. Keep these blogs coming. You are truly inspirational and your storytelling is accessible, motivational and inspiring. I think you have found a gift this world needs right now. Thank you for your honesty in sharing your life. Love you.

  2. Lucy

    I remember the fun times with you guys, when I was up the block playing with Geralyn OLeary who lived across the street from you guys and we would play with Mary…you were just a little boy
    I remember your grandma…memories
    Tears rolling down my face

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