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Guinea Bastard Book

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Guinea Bastard: Personal Essays by Joe Pagetta
Guinea Bastard
Guinea Bastard collects personal essays by the New Jersey-born, Nashville-residing Joe Pagetta, both published and unpublished. They’re about growing up Italian American in Jersey City and falling in love with rock music (especially the band Queen); about the promise and failings of marriage and the dreams and realities of making music; about reconciling with a father who can be abusive and caring for a mother who has dementia. Mostly, they’re about growing and changing and becoming, in ways we all understand. 
Paperback and Digital Purchasing Options:
1) Direct: SOLD OUT! THANK YOU! A limited numbered edition of 50 paperback copies, numbered and signed by both me and designer Sam Smith, is available directly from the Author. I think the world of Sam, and think his signature adds great value to all he does. 
2) Parnassus Books: My favorite local, independent bookseller, Parnassus Books in Nashville, currently carries the paperback book both in-store or online. $12.99 + Tax (and shipping if ordering online).
Parnassus Books
3) Amazon.com: The book, in both paperback and Kindle versions, is available now at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and other Online Retailers. Click the button below to go directly to Amazon to purchase. Paperback: $12.99 + Shipping | Kindle: $4.99 
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