Joe Pagetta

Reader | Writer | Cooker | Eater | Bike Rider | Publicist 

  You can read select recently published essays, interviews, profiles and various other writings on my Contently page.

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Some Things I Do:

I'm the director of media relations and online strategies for Nashville Public Television,
and handled media relations for the Nashville Film Festival from 2007-2012.

I'm the executive producer of the new Under the Guise / NPT web series "You Ought To Know Nashville"

I'm coordinating ITVS Community Cinema in Studio A this season.

Music can be sampled or purchased at CDbaby.com or iTunes or listened to on Spotify, Rhapsody and most other song streaming services.

Some other things I care about that I occasionally do publicity  for (when my friends ask me) include Chris DiCroce's new e-book You Gotta Go to Know
Mangia Nashville
, The Family Wash and The Americana Music Association, so check them out too.

I like bikes, books and Italian food.

I have a sandwich named after me at Savarino's Cucina. And I once rocked eyeliner.

Mark Oakley did that drawing of me up there. He's great.

I'm on Facebook and Twitter.

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MArch 24, 2014